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Chinatown Music was founded in Sydney, Australia by singer/producer Brighton Liu in 2017. It aims to overcome language and cultural barriers and help indie musicians deliver their content to more potential audience.


To help emerging artists break the walls, we work with English-speaking artists step-by-step to distribute and promote their works into the fast-growing Asian market, as well as assist non-English-speaking artists - no matter based in Asia or from the Asian community abroad - bringing their music to the dynamic international stage.


We will create your profile page, distribute, manage and promote your music, so you - the artist - can focus on what's the most important - creating good music. In addition, we offer mixing and mastering services to transform your creations into state-of-art works, as well as photography and visual design services to give you and your music professional looks, all at affordable rates.


If you simply want to know where to start your music career from, or need information on how to get your music into another market, book in for our consulting services and we are happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you. 


Now, it's time to get your music out there and be heard.


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